An air fogging device for sanitising large spaces, and two wall mounted hand sanitisers.

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With a powerful motor manufactured by Samsung with 1250W power, this machine creates a strong air stream flowing through a specially designed liquid spray nozzle which forcibly ejects microscopic sanitiser particles of sizes between 5~50 microns.

A fogging machine is a dispenser which uses increased air pressure to produce a very fine fog,enabling the efficient application of various types of chemical solutions such as bactericides, virucides, insecticides, pesticides and odour control products.

These machines have become extremely important in the fight against Corona Virus Covid 19 as they are able to disinfect both small and large areas quickly and effectively with the fine mist accessing every surface of the room which otherwise would be difficult to treat and in a fraction of the time it would take to sanitise all the same surfaces by hand..

The fog particles produced are so fine they float in the air long enough to disinfect even nooks and crannies and hard to reach upper surfaces.

The amount of sanitising solution required is also reduced due to the effective distribution of the fog. It is important not to over-fog and end up wetting the surfaces being treated.

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Hand Sanitising Dispensers

We offer the compact traditional hand sanitising dispensers. These can be incorporated in a large variety of locations including workplaces environments, hotels, kitchens, washrooms, entrance points and public spaces.

Encourage sanitising even when users are busy or on-the-go with no need for them to get to a sink. Especially handy before handling food.
Our dispensers hold 1L of hand sanitiser, this is enough for approximately 1000 applications and we offer 1L and 5L bottles that are perfect for refills.

​Available with battery or power operated options to suit your requirements.
The touch-free, automatic dispensing means less cross-contamination for a better peace of mind.

​​Built in UV light disinfection kills bacteria on contact. Dispenses more to stay protected for longer.


Hand sanitising stations are convenient, efficient, and are the perfect way to distribute and ensure access to hand sanitiser in larger areas. Enclosed environments where people are working closely to one another are at a higher risk of spreading germs and as such they are especially useful in a workplace environment and hotels. Preventing the spread of bacteria, viruses, and diseases ultimately results in lower levels of absences due to sickness.

Our dispensers are hassle-free and are designed to be easy to refill and maintain. We provide a choice of stands and wall-mounted installations to fulfil your needs and ensure flexibility when incorporating into your space.

​Our units are also unique in that they are wifi-enabled, this allows the hand sanitiser stations to serve a double purpose by allowing the advertisement of promotions and customisation by branding to match your company’s profile. They can be seamlessly incorporated into the workspace providing functionality without compromising on style.