CLEAN AND SAFE! Helping your guests comply with Governmental, and your own house rules. The ideal Welcome or Turn-down gift.

Here at Room Service Supplies we’re generally pretty good at anticipating the unexpected ‘needs’ of your guests. Phone chargers and adapters, Love packs, and the like, are all items we can pretty much guarantee your guests are going to need on a regular basis. But how are your guests most likely to be ‘caught short’ as you re-open and we take our first tentative steps out of lock-down?

We reasoned it would be face masks and, for those “I really wish I hadn’t handled that” moments, a small bottle of Hand Sanitiser. So we’ve put together a small, inexpensive pack of just those two items – ideal for sale, or as a welcome or turn-down gift.

Each pack contains a good quality, comfortable, 5-ply, disposable mask and a 30ml bottle of 70% alcohol hand sanitiser, 99.9% effective, and offered in 3 packaging options or, of course, branded with your own message, logo, and house style.

All packaging is bio-degradable. Printed cardboard inserts and plant based Cellophane bags.

Pack prices start from just £2.95 each

(MOQ 1000 for quoted price. Lower quantities available)

Branded Packaging from just £3.50 each

(MOQ 1000 packs)

Pack of 10 Anti-Viral Wipes – £0.78 per pack

(MOQ 100 packs) 

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