Corporate Social Responsibility Statement


We are a small developing company but realise the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and this statement formalises in words how we manage and intend to grow our business with processes to produce an overall positive impact on society.
To us Corporate Social Responsibility means being a good corporate citizen and describes business behaviours, designed not only to deliver commercial objectives and meet legal requirements but also have a positive social impact on our community and those communities of our customers, suppliers and providers of the services we display on our website. It is our desire to run a business responsibly and align our strategy with CSR goals so as to have a significant and positive impact both on the business itself and the communities in which the business operates.

We are Room Service Supplies Limited; we provide unique and useful items to the hospitality industry. The prosperity of our business and of the communities within which we operate requires a commitment to the sustainable management of our activities. We have therefore developed a number of policies that affect and enhance all areas of our business, specifically:

Corporate Values
Outsourcing Policy
Adult Safeguarding Policy
Health & Safety Policy
Ethical Policy
Environmental Policy
Quality Management
Supplier Assessment
GDPR & Privacy Policies
Disaster Recovery Plan

We wish to adopt and commit to the principles and practices set out below.

Our team
We are committed to the well-being and continual development of our people and to training our workforce, where employees are appreciated, valued and given regular feedback so that each employee has a clear understanding of their role and how they contribute to the business.
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We operate a system where all employees are recognised and rewarded on the basis of their performance, effort, contribution and achievements. We expect our employees to act with integrity towards one another and exercise a high standard of business practice and workmanship. We support diversity, fairness and equal opportunities and aim to involve and consult regularly with employees as to the direction of the business.

Our customers
We aim to build long term relationships with all our customers by understanding their objectives as they evolve over time and meeting their needs. We aim to give fair value, consistent quality and reliability. We aim to have the highest professional and ethical standards and will be honest, open and transparent in all our dealings with customers.

Our suppliers
We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with key suppliers and contractors. We aim to choose suppliers that share our ethos in relation to employment practices, quality and environmental controls. This will be communicated to all suppliers and potential suppliers.

Our service providers
We aim to create and maintain strong relationships with key service providers. We aim to choose providers who share our ethos in relation to employment practices, quality and environmental controls. This will be communicated to all providers and potential providers.

Our health and safety
We aim to achieve and maintain the highest standards of health and safety and provide a safe and healthy working environment for all of our activities. We have a current and effective written health and safety policy that is regularly reviewed and updated.

Our environment
We have implemented an environmental policy appropriate to our business. We are aware of our environmental impact as a business and have taken and continue to take appropriate steps to mitigate that impact, including setting environmental objectives and targets, implementing procedures and providing training so employees and suppliers understand their environmental responsibilities and can seek to improve our environmental performance.