What if you had online check-in? All that’s left for you to do is smile and have the luggage sent up!

What if your guests were your clients and not just your booking sites clients?

What if you could up-sell to your hearts content without irritating the queue?

What if the whole procedure was branded, language translated, effortless, and really affordable?

A simple concept, simple to use –

and probably the most sophisticated

and effective, time and money saving app

you’ll ever need!


Enhance and digitise the guest experience

Enable your guests to check-in online – optimising your guests experience and providing access to all information digitally

Generate more Revenue

Wishbox generates more guest revenue by up-selling room upgrades, along with in-house and in-destination services.

Increase Brand Awareness

Wishbox is a white labelled product – allowing you to communicate with guests using your own branding – maximising brand awareness.

Increase online Review Score

Optimise your online score using Wishbox’s ‘smart review system’ to help you keep negative reviews in-house whilst pushing positive reviews to 3rd party websites.

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