A note about our Face Masks

Room Service Supplies has an agent in China – an agent whom we trust implicitly – diligence personified. No sooner had lockdown commenced last year than our agent placed our order, for KN95 Face Masks with one of just a handful of factories licensed by the Chinese Government to manufacture medical grade face masks. These were manufactured, certified, and shipped just as soon as the Chinese factories recommenced production.

Much later than us the UK Government placed a large order with China, through agents which have generated much controversy in the British press, and discovered when the boat eventually docked (ours were air-freighted) that they were substandard. Subsequently Government has introduced new testing requirements and new CE compliance specification.

This means we are unable to sell our 5-ply masks as KN95 under current compliance due to their not having been individually tested. They are neither counterfeit nor substandard but simply manufactured before the current legislation.

We trust them – and we believe you can to.

Thank you for your time.